Wedding Photography in Ireland

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Don’t assume that every wedding photographer in Dublin is working solo. Larger studios often have more than one photographer on their staff so it is essential to be completely clear on who is doing the photos. You definitely don’t need any surprises on your big day.


Seeing the “greatest hits” from your wedding photographer is a good way to get started, then you can have a good idea of the photographer skills. Decide if you’d be happy if that were your wedding images. It is essential that your potential photographer offers consistently great shots.

Schedule Interviews

Wedding photography in Ireland is a competitive game and we are always happy to go for interviews! Start the processing by checking to see that your potential wedding photographer is available on the big day, then share with the photographer as much info as possible, including examples of shots you love and details on the venue(s).


Getting the Best Wedding Photography in Ireland

Of course, as a wedding photographer in Dublin, I’d love to tell you that I’ll give you the best wedding photography in Ireland! However, the truth is that finding a wedding photographer is a bit like finding that special someone. To get your dream wedding photography, you’ve got to find that wedding photographer that you just click with.

Dreaming of flipping through your wedding album for years to come? Read my 10 tips for getting the best wedding photography in Ireland.


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Your Dream!

Getting Your Dream Wedding Photography in Ireland: Know Your Style

Get to know wedding photography. Simply spending some time scrolling through pics can be an incredible source of inspiration. Check out the websites and Instagram accounts for different local wedding photographers and get to know what styles you like (and which you don’t!). Just keep saving shots until you can narrow it down to a particular aesthetic. Or, if you find that one-of-a-kind shot that just knocks your socks off, call that wedding photographer in Dublin, Derry, Dún Laoghaire, or wherever they are based. Keep in mind that wedding photography in Ireland is a wide open game. As a wedding photographer in Dublin, I’m used to travelling all over the island and so is every other wedding photographer out there from Donegal to Cork. So, don’t feel like you have to keep your search local.


Get to Know the Photographer

Getting Your Wedding Photography in Ireland

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few wedding photographers who catch your eye, start doing some online stalking! Check out their websites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other online presence that they may have. Get to know their personality and look for reviews. Decide on a wedding photographer that has the same style as you.

Look for that perfect wedding photographer who has inspirational styles that reflect the style that you are going for BUT don’t worry if you don’t love every single shot. Getting the perfect shots is all about communicating what you like as well as what you don’t like.

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Use a Critical Eye

Before get your Wedding Photography in Ireland

The more you look at photos, the more you develop an eye for them. You get better able to spot bad lighting or uncomfortable subjects as you become more familiar with the art. Use your more critical eye to help you choose the best wedding photographer. If you and your future spouse are feeling totally clueless, enlist a brutally honest friend!


Do a Personality Check

While you don’t have to be BBF with your wedding photographer, you do need to find someone that you connect with. As a wedding photographer in Dublin, I’ve met countless happy couples and I’ve found the best shots always come from the best connections between the photographer and the subjects.

To get the best wedding photographer for you, look for that personality match. It is so important to be comfortable with your photographer and, ultimately, in front of the camera.

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Pick a Package!

Wedding photography packages vary a ton, One wedding photographer in Dublin might cost twice as much as another, while one of their packages can be four times as much as the other. Before you make a final decision, get an exact euro amount agreed upon and ask if there is any extra or hiding fees


Reserve Your Adventure

I'm not your typical wedding photographer, but again if you like my style then we are probably a good match ;)

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